Δοκιμές Υλικών

WIRE MESH TEST: As specified by DIN 50021, ISO 3768/76 “Metallic coatings salt spray test (NSS-TEST)” and ASTM B 117-73 “Standard method of salt spray (fog) testing”.

TENSILE TEST: As specified by DIN 50210 and DIN 50145.

WIRE TORSION TEST: A 200mm length wire should not break or crack when twisted about its axis 30 times.

WIRE ELASTICITY TEST: A 200mm length wire should not break, crack or have the zinc coat peel when bent 10 consequent times at 180°

GALVANIZATION THICKNESS TEST: In this, the thickness of the zinc coat is tested as the wire is first cleaned with alcohol or ether and then bathed for one minute every time in a 1/5 copper sulfate and 4/5 distilled water solution, at 15°C. The lacing wire is bathed 5 times, the mesh wire 6 times and the reinforcing wire 7 times. After bathing, the wire should be carefully cleaned with a soft brush under tap water in order to remove all salt residue without peeling off the galvanic coating. The wire is approved if there are no bare spots or copper sulfate residue. The zinc coat should withstand blasts and show no signs of delamination when the wire is twisted around a cylinder of double diameter than that of the wire or in a thick spiral.