Our company manufactures the Sarazaneti flood control mesh in roles and gabions in different dimensions. Sarazaneti gabions are becoming more and more popular both in Greece and abroad. The hexagonal double-twisted flood control wire mesh offers the best, safest and environmentally friendly solution in cases of ground erosion control and human intervention in nature through infrastructure works such as road building, river diversion and many more. The gabions are made of hexagonal hot-dip, PVC coated or Galfan coated (95% Zinc – 5% aluminium) galvanized wire netting with an 8x10 cm aperture and they are customizable. Gabions longer than 2m are supplied with internal diaphragms dividing the basket into partitions of 1m long in order to retain their shape during filling and installation. A 3.9mm wire is mechanically laced at the edges of the gabion. The gabions can be assembled by using lacing wires or C-rings to secure the side panels on the base panel. We also manufacture Terramesh gabions for ground reinforcement. The wire mesh standards conform to ELOT EN 10223-3 and the gabions manufacturing standards conform to ASTM A975-97. You can find among our products special pneumatic and hand pistols for the lacing of gabion boxes and Sarazaneti wire mesh. In this way you can replace the traditional wire wire lacing methods when speedy installation is required and reduce labour cost. Hot-dip galvanized C rings (ASTM A 641-92), GALFAN rings (ASTM B 341) and INOX rings of 3mm diameter, which are placed on the edges of the reinforced wire, are also available. The mechanical properties of the rings conform to ASTM A 764-95 with tensile strength as specified by ASTM E8/MPT 2004. The rings come in packs of 40 pieces and are available in cardboard boxes of 1600 pieces. Thanks to our complete and modern equipment and leading services, we can cover our customers' needs, both in Greece and abroad, promptly and with top quality products.