Specified uses:

  • Construction retaining

  • Road building

  • Slope retaining – reinforcing – stabilization - fortification

  • Erosion control constructions

  • Channel and canal bed lining and flow diversion

  • River and river flow control dams and protective piers

  • Groundwater channeling

  • Bridge support and foundations

  • Protection from falling rocks (rock falling protective net)

  • Ground erosion control

  • Bank retaining

  • Construction of retaining walls (with flat surface or at different levels)

  • Dam and canal fortification

  • Hydroelectric power plant estuary fortification

  • Drainage canals

  • Water flow control

The Use of Gabion Boxes in Landscaping

The use of gabions in landscaping can be limited only by the exterior designer's imagination. The gabions allow vegetation to grow and help maintain the natural environment of the area effectively and at low cost. Gabion constructions are used in parks, along the roads, rivers and lakes, to build steps, rock gardens and yards.



Διαμόρφωση Εξωτερικού Χώρου με Συρματοκιβώτια



Cliff Retaining Mesh in Rolls

It is manufactured with hot-dip galvanized wire and can be coated with organic PVC (EN 10245.02 or PEEN 10245,03). It is used in cases of extremely steep and rocky slopes, as the mesh controls and retains the falling rocks.


Πλέγμα Επένδυσης Πρανών σε Ρόλους