The L. Moliotis P.C. respects and remains loyal to the principle of protecting the ecosystem and the natural environment as well as to the social and educational values that rule all productive activities. It is known that the environment is a very sensitive balanced system which could result in unpleasant consequences once this balance is disturbed. By setting its environmental policy as an end in itself, our company proceeds in all its works and actions with respect to the environment. We have managed to make our environmental ideal become real. In the L. Moliotis P.C. We believe that the world and the environment are values that depend on trust in order to function properly. Those values should be passed down to new generations on condition that they are acceptable and healthy. We are also one of the few lucky companies that can use their products directly and with the protection of the environment in mind. Our mission is to get to know the environment so that we can always find the best solution. Thus our company always tries to act environmentally and socially responsibly, either by minimizing the negative consequences of the industry or by helping to settle social and environmental problems in the area. Forest fires are one of the biggest environmental and social problems in our country, as it has only recently proven to be in north-east Attica. 2007 has been one of the hardest years both for the environment and the people. The areas that suffered the most were the Peloponnese, Evoia, Parnitha and Halkidiki a few years back. Within the frame of social and environmental responsibility our company supported these areas either financially or by donating goods. CSR policies have clearly shown that forest fires in our country are a great environmental and social problem.



  • Environmentally friendly constructions.
  • Aesthetic integration into the environment.
  • Constructions are eventually covered with vegetation allowing the landscape to retain its natural appearance.
  • Their flexibility makes installation on uneven ground surfaces possible.
  • Water permeable materials help avoid water extraction works.
  • Easy to install all year round.
  • Great variety.
  • Durability.
  • Affordable prices.