Possible risks during construction works

Extra care should be taken during transportation, storage and handling of materials:

  • During loading and unloading of wire mesh rolls and heavy objects in general.
  • When handling tools, cutting tools and fencing tools.
  • Rock falling and sliding during shaping and retaining works.
  • Handling of equipment and cutting and installation tools by authorized personnel only.


Safety and hygiene measures

The personnel should comply with the 92/57/EU instructions regarding the “Minimum hygiene and safety requirements for temporary and mobile construction sites” and to the Greek legislation for safety and hygiene (P.D. 17/96 and P.D.159/99 etc). The use of personal safety measures during works is compulsory. The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • PROTECTIVE CLOTHING ELOT EN 863:1995: Protective clothing, mechanical properties, perforation durability tests.
  • HAND AND ARM ROTECTION ELOT EN 388:2203: Protective gloves against mechanical hazards.
  • HEAD PROTECTION ELOT EN 397:1995: Safety helmets.
  • FOOT PROTECTION ELOT EN 345-2:1996: Safety footwear for professional use (IE ISO 20345:2004).